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Since last few months, it has been on the agenda to come up with a collection of unique articles appearing in various contemporary journals in the field of physical medicine & rehabilitation. Going through different journals and articles gives us a broad perspective of our branch, stimulates and usher us for better clinical practice and research work, but our daily chores keep us in blissful ignorance. This lack of perception about the leading-edge publications may be due to lack of time or lack of resources or lack of energy to fumble the dusty pages of journals in the library. So, during this COVID-19 lockdown, this scheme popped, to come up with an abstract review in an electronic form comprising inputs from well-known current journals covering various fields in rehabilitation medicine. Initially, we thought that it would be a couple of page review, but on dipping in, realized it to be a challenging and mammoth job. I stretched out to the young friends and contributors to give inputs and help to form the keel, while I coordinated their efforts.

We have selected one abstract from each volume of these journals published in the first quarter of the year. It does not mean that the others are any less in originality or quality, but we picked only those appearing to be practice-changing in Indian clinical scenario. Moreover, like any medley, there might be bias in the overture, but we are only humans.

Keep buzzing with “PMR Buzz”.

-- Mrinal Joshi


Dr Ravi Gaur, Associate Professor, Department of PMR, AIIMS, Jodhpur.

Dr Navin BP, Assistant Professor, Department of Neurorehabilitation, NIMHANS, Bengaluru.

Dr Mahima Agrawal, Assistant Professor, Department of PMR, JLN Medical College, Ajmer.


Mrinal Joshi, Department of PMR, RRC, SMS Medical College & Hospital, Jaipur.

Journal Attachments

PMR Buzz- Volume 1 (2020) Download
PMR Buzz- Volume 2 (2020) Download
PMR Buzz- Volume 3 (2020) Download
PMR Buzz- Volume 2 issue 1 February 2021 Download
PMR Buzz- Volume 2 issue 2 April 2021 Download
PMR Buzz- Volume 3 issue 2 July 2021 Download
PMR Buzz- Volume 4 issue 2 December 2021 Download
PMR Buzz- Volume 1 issue 3 march 2022 Download
PMR Buzz- Volume 2 issue 3 April 2022 Download
PMR Buzz- Volume 3 issue 3 July 2022 Download